James Westwater

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1962     Born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Spends youth in Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

1980-84  Attends Ipswich Art College and Manchester School of Art; receives Foundation

         Diploma in Art and Design, 1981, and bachelor of art in Design for

         Communication Media, with Commendation in Liberal Studies (art history,

         psychology, sociology), 1984. 

1983     Travels throughout the United States.

1984     Moves to London; works in graphic design.

1985-86  Lives in Portugal for three months and Los Angeles for nine months.

1986     Returns to London; makes Super 8 films, including Burning Blue Sky filmed in


1988     Moves to Los Angeles; works in graphic design and film.

1989-90  First one-artist exhibitions at AWGO, Los Angeles and Solis, Santa Fe, New


1990-91  Lives in Santa Fe.

1991     Returns to Los Angeles; makes design objects and jewelry under the company

         name James Westwater Recycled Materials.

1993     Sculptures shown at Greenpeace, West Hollywood.

         Kathy Bryant, "Collected Thoughts," Los Angeles Times, March 6.

1994     One-artist exhibitions at LA Art, Encino and Lulu's Alibi, Los Angeles.

         Moves to New Mexico.

1995     Group exhibitions at Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica and Charlotte Jackson

         Fine Art, Santa Fe.

1996     First two-artist exhibition in New York at Brenda Taylor Gallery and one-

         artist exhibition at Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Galisteo, New Mexico;

         first time Corner Square and Oval series precursors shown.

         Aline Brandauer, "James Westwater at Linda Durham," Art in America, October.

1997     Artist-in-residence and one-artist exhibition at OffSite, Santa Fe.

         Co-founds Art Pod, four-artist collective that exhibits in Santa Fe and Taos

         until 1999.

         Group exhibitions at Ahra Lee Gallery, New York and SITE Santa Fe.

1998     Group exhibitions at Thesaurus, London and Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York.

1999     New Mexico Museum of Art purchases Pod piece.

         Receives Santa Fe Art Institute scholarship to participate in Pat Steir Studio


         Group exhibitions at Kiron Espace, Paris and James Kelly Contemporary, Santa


2000     Zane Fischer, "The Artist Identity," Arté Magazine, summer/fall.

2001     Receives Robert Rauschenberg Change, Inc. grant.

         One and three-artist exhibitions at Helix Fine Art and James Kelly

         Contemporary, Santa Fe.

2002     John Carver, "Plumbing the Depths of Space," Trend Magazine, winter/spring.

2003     Co-founds Peace Show, Artists' Resistance Movement, co-organizes Peace Show 

         anti-Iraq War exhibitions at 25 galleries and other spaces in Santa Fe, and

         curates Peace Show at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe.

         Publishes first suite of prints with Santa Fe Editions.

2004     One-artist exhibitions at Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe and Rule Gallery,

         Denver, three-artist exhibition at Phil Space, Santa Fe, and group exhibitions

         at The Suburban, Chicago, Lothriger Dreizen, Munich, Max Fish, New York, and

         Cream, London.

         Receives Santa Fe Art Institute scholarships to participate in Komar and

         Melamid and Richard Tuttle Studio Workshops and Peter Schjeldahl Critical

         Writing Workshop.

         Aline Brandauer, Jon Carver, 3-D Art/Techné, Fresco Fine Art, pp. 9, 13, 15,

         17, 46-51.

         Sarah S. King, "James Westwater at Klaudia Marr," Art in America, June/July.

         Florian Siedel, "Spacemakers," Bauwelt, September.

2005     Retrospective exhibition organized by Rule Gallery, Denver.

         Lannan Foundation purchases piece from Exhibitions 2d, Marfa, Texas.

         Moves to Beacon, New York.

2006     Group exhibitions at NavtaSchulz Gallery, Chicago, the Santa Monica Museum of

         Art, and Exhibitions 2d, Marfa.

         Seb Grant producer/director, Artland USA, Series One, Episode 7, presented by

         Charlie Luxton and Mame McCutchin, Illuminations Films, Sky Arts, UK

         and Gallery Channel, US, first aired November 23.

         Rima Suqi, "Gallery Hopping in Marfa," New York Magazine, October 11.

2007     One-artist exhibition at NavtaSchulz Gallery, Chicago; first time Plywood  

         Chateaux shown. Group exhibitions at Threewalls, Chicago, Cinemaland, Los

         Angeles, and Exhibitions 2d, Marfa.

         Steven Evans, Zane Fischer, Ryan Schulz, James Westwater: Plywood Chateaux,

         NavtaSchulz Gallery. 

                    Lloyd Alter, "James Westwater's Plywood Chateau," TreeHugger, September 21.

2008     One-artist exhibition at Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon; first time Blue Boy

         paintings shown.

         Homeless Chateau shown at Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon.

         Participates in Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop, New York.

         Founds The Vs culture club, Beacon.

         Elaine Louie, "Chateau: The Condensed Version," New York Times, June 5.

2009     Group exhibitions at Heidi Cho Gallery, New York, Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon,

         and Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon.

         Lloyd Alter, "Homeless Chateau: A Little Privacy," TreeHugger, January 15.

         "Your Flat-pack or Mine?" Times (UK), April 13.

2010     One and two-artist exhibitions at Van Brunt Gallery and Heidi Cho Gallery, New

         York; first time postcard paintings and multi-piece wall installations shown.

         Alex Johnson, Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution, Frances

         Lincoln, pp. 58, 59, 120, 122.

         "James Westwater: Postcards and Matchboxes," New York Times, Metropolitan

         section, July 18

2011     Group exhibitions at Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico and School

         of Jellyfish, Beacon.

         Virginia Sole-Smith, "Schoolhouse Rocks," ReadyMade Magazine, December/January

         issue, cover article.

         Moves to New York; lives in Kips Bay, Manhattan. 

2012     Designs Westwater tartan; inclusion in the Scottish Registry of Tartans,

         National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh.

         Receives Arthur Harris Best in Show Award in Far & Wide at Woodstock Artist's

         Association and Museum, New York, juried by David A. Ross.

         Enrolls in the MFA program at Texas A&M University, College Station where he

         also teaches art and design from 2012 to 2013.

         Certificate of Completion Teacher Training, 2012, Texas A&M University.

         One-artist exhibition at Projects on Ashburn, College Station, Texas.

2013     Artist-in-residence at Foundation OBRAS, Evoramonte, Portugal.

2014     Artist-in-residence at Fire Station Artist Studios, Dublin and Nes Artist

         Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland.

         Inducted as a member of Tau Sigma Delta Honors Society in Architecture and

         Allied Arts.

         One-artist exhibition at Mad Dooley Gallery, Beacon.

2015     Artist-in-residence at Foundation OBRAS, Evoramonte.

         One-artist exhibition at Evoramonte Castle, Portugal.

2016     Andrea Weber, "Nes Artist Residency," Skagaströnd Review (Paris), March.

         Academic Excellence Award, Texas A&M University.      

2017     Receives Doctor of Philosophy from Texas A&M University.

         Dissertation Unknown Architectures: Agnes Martin and Ian Curtis, Oak Trust,

         Texas A&M University.

         Moves to Ithaca, New York; teaches Art+Science course in the Department of

         Design and Environmental Analysis, College of Human Ecology, Cornell


         Rebecca Roake, Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move, Phaidon, p. 191.

2018     One-artist exhibition at Martha Van Rensselaer Gallery, Cornell University.

         Group exhibitions at Nes Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Catalyst Gallery,

         Beacon, New York, and Woodstock Artists Association and Museum.




Photo credits: Luís Branco, Lauren Camarata, Victoria Cattoni, Herb Lotz, Tom Moore, Naomi Sachs, and Glen Vigus.